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The Secret Is Out. Kuna.

Between the years of 2000 and 2010, the number of people living in this rural Idaho community has almost tripled. Nowadays, the population of this small Idaho town rests at around 18,000, and the character of the town now retains the best of the past and the present.

With friendly neighborhoods and close access to the amenities of Kuna, Boise and Meridian, living here allows people to keep things simple while still participating in the world-at-large.

Call (208) 713-7420 or email

Call (208) 713-7420 or email

Treasure Valley secret

Kuna, The Broad Strokes.

While it still feels like the kind of town where people take an evening stroll after dinner or chat with their neighbors at the local post office when they’re dropping off mail, its proximity to the larger Boise Metropolitan area make this area very attractive to home owners.











Kuna in the 21st century lies about 18 miles from Idaho’s capital city, Boise. Conflicting reports exist about the meaning of the town’s name. While information on the Chamber of Commerce website cite “the end of the trail” as the name’s meaning, other sources say that Kuna, Idaho actually means “green leaf, good to smoke” in the Shoshone language.

Kuna Is Rapidly Growing

The History Of Kuna.

The early settlement of Kuna was short. After the branch line from Nampa to Boise was completed in 1887, the need for a deopt at Kuna was over. The settlement closed down and Kuna became just another railroad siding. Years after the original settlement, all that remains is a signboard with the name Kuna and a graveyard containing the victims of the diphtheria epidemic, now known as Pioneer Cemetery.


But the promise of water would change the dynamic of the entire valley. When the U.S. Reclamation Service was established in 1902, their planned project sites included the Boise Valley. Major reservoir development began on the Boise Project, including expansion of the New York Canal system. Eventually it ran south of Boise to the Kuna area, and extended onto Deer Flat Reservoir near Nampa.


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